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PAP National Conference 2005

Christian-Muslim Dialogue






Philosophical Association of the Philippines, Inc.


Baitul Hidaya Foundation and World Islamic Call Society

We, the members of the Philosophical Association of the Philippines, and the participants of this dialogue, both Christians and Muslims, hereby assert the following principles:

  • That the tension between Filipino Christians and Muslims is not a matter of radical, doctrinal and religious differences, but of inaccurate conceptual and affective misrepresentations of the each others’ group;

  • That, as such, inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogues between Filipino Christians and Muslims are a need of our time;

  • That real inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogues must be premised on:

    • love and respect for the person, particularly other - The human person is a human subject and has a higher value than things or objects. All human persons enjoy the same dignity and equal rights, and are all equal in the eyes of God. Hence everyone, Christian, Muslim, and other dominations, must work for that proper attitude of loving and respecting human life and human dignity.

    • understanding and sensitivity to our differences – While people belong to different nations and have different religions, cultures and practices, these differences should not be the source of conflict among them. People of different cultures and religions must understand each others’ beliefs and be sensitive to differences, and must transcend these differences and work for harmony among themselves.

    • genuine concern, trust and sincerity - When there are certain ideas or interests that cannot be easily reconciled, and when there are seemingly irreconcilable differences, the best option is a genuine concern, trust and sincerity. In genuine concern and sincerity one need not abandon his own stand point but tries to extend one’s hand over the other in a dialogue characterized by respect and sensitivity.

    • the attitude of solidarity - Man lives and acts together with his fellow men, forming a human community. Daily life must be based on the constant readiness to accept and to realize one's share in the community; with this attitude, the person does what he is supposed to do because he has in his view the benefit of the whole.

  • That real inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogues must quash the existing cultures of suspicion and hatred between Filipino Christians and Filipino Muslims;

  • That the goal of such dialogues is not to force one group to submit to the ideas and logic of the other group, but to sort out our similarities and differences and make them stepping stones towards our creation of a modern pluralistic nation;

  • That it is possible to have a single Filipino nation and state amidst a diverse Filipino religions and cultures;

  • That we, as teachers and students of philosophy, have the moral obligation to become agents of such dialogues;

  • That we, as workers in the Philippine academe, have to consciously bring such dialogues into our educational system;

  • That we condemn all forms of violence and similar acts that undermine all efforts to bring Christians and Muslims together towards harmony and peace.

We further expressed that amidst the skepticism, suspicion and hate, what we need is the light of understanding, of respect and concern for one another.

  • It is through understanding our respective faiths, beliefs and values that we can overcome the skepticism that prevails on both sides.

  • It is by respecting the other, his beliefs and values, his practices and norms, that we can overcome our suspicious attitudes and stance towards the other.

  • And it is through our genuine concern for the welfare of the other that we can overcome the hate that prevails in our hearts.

In spirit of genuine dialogue and inspired by the efforts of Pope John Paul II, a tireless advocate of inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue we hope that what we have started in this conference will continue to grow and eventually bear fruit: a lasting harmony among us, Christians, Muslims and people of other religions and genuine peace in our land.


We resolve to continue this sincere dialogue which we started, to promote the attitude of respect, concern, sincerity, sensitivity, trust, love and solidarity with one another, and to spread spirit of real dialogue beyond limits of rational and intellectual discourse.





Abila, Sanley S.                           Aguas, Jove Jim S.             Ahmed, Gamal N.

Alamer, Alfredo T.                      Altez, Fleurdeliz R.              Angeles, Moses Aaron I.

Aspra, Mark Edwin T.                 Atienza, Garland U.            Azada, Rowena Anthea B.

Babor, Eddie R.                          Bacungan, Ian Irving C.       Baldoz, Maria Rebymart R.

Benitez, Gherold C.                  Bernaldez, Pedro B.              Boňe, Augusto B.

Buňag, Ronald Q.                    Cabauagan, Joyce Anne G      Cabauatan, Patricio R.

Cacho, Allan Louise A.            Cainglet, Celso L.                    Camacho, Gianfrancis S.

Capili, April D.                         Chingcuanco, Wilson O.          Contreras, Jeric G.

David, Sofia A.                        Delacruz, El Mithra M.              Demeterio, Feorillo A.

Diamante, Oscar R.                Domingo, Emmanuel R.            Dy, Manuel B. Jr.

Flores, Adolben A.                  Flores, Calvin P.                         Garcia, Joel S. PCG

Gripaldo, Rolando M.             Guiam, Rufa C.                           Guimba, Salem P.

Hermida, Ranilo B.                 Hernandes, Geraldine Faye L.   Hernandez, Michael Roland F.

Katipunan, Dan Frederic L.   Khalid, Philip O.                          Layson, Fr. Roberto D.

Lopez, Rufino S. III                 Luna, Wendyl M.                   Mabaquiao, Napoleon M. Jr.

Magsino, Ma. Asuncion L.      Mariano, Michael Ner E.              Marollano, Carmelo A.

Mazo, Rommel M.                   Mejia, Melanie P.                          Mejos, Dean Edward A

Mendoza, Salud Katrina D.   Miralles, Christian Lorden A.       Miroy, Jovino D.

Montaňa, Robert A.               Obusan, Rogelio A.                       Padua, Maybelle Marie O.

Palcon, Gerardo B.                  Paraggua, Rachelle M.             Patanindagat, Mae Joy

Perez, Darlito A.                      Pielago, Jameel Joshua A.           Plaza, Paulo S.

Ponsaran, Marciana Agnes G.   Quiliao, Gladys Claire V.           Realeza, Ma. Frances Joanna E.

Reyes, Kristhianne Dionne M.       Reyes, Mira T.                      Rosario, Tomas, G. Jr.

Salvacion, Emmanuel C.                 Sanchez, Frederick D.         Sanglapan, Amerol

Sario, Alvin A.                              Sayedy, Abdulrafin H.              Secio, Fr. Achilles G.

Siddayao, Fr. Felizardo Boyet L.    Soh, Andrew K.L.                  Soria, Muhamad A.

Soriano, Fernando Abdullah       Tan, Alvin O.                          Tan, Armando L.

Toralba, Corazon T.                     Tria, Fr. Wilmer S.                   Tubera, Mc Greggy R.

Vergara, Joaquin Leandro S. C.          Zagada, Fr. Manuel H.

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