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Announcements and Correspondences

We will post here the invitation letters of upcoming seminars and conferences.


jointly sponsored by

Philosophical Association of the Philippines and the University of Sant Agustin, Iloilo City

Theme: "Philosophy and the Quest for Peace"

Racsos Woodland, Guimbal, Iloilo  3-5 April 2003


Day 1: 2 April 2003, Wednesday

12:00 - Arrival of Participants at University of San Agustin Campus

1:00 - Courtesy Calls: President, University of San Agustin

City Tour

4:00 - Proceed to Racsos Woodland

5:00 - Registration of Participants

7:00 - Dinner / Socials

Day 2: 3 April 2003, Thursday

8:00 - Continuation of Registration

9:00 - Opening Ceremonies

                Welcome Remarks: Fr. Manuel M. Vergara, O.S.A. President, USA

                    Dr. Jove Jim Aguas President, PAP

  Introduction of Participants / Announcements Mr. Ranilo B. Hermida   

 Picture Taking

9:45 - Coffee Break

10:30 - First Plenary Lecture: Dr. Leovino Ma. Garcia

                             "Beyond Violence and Metaphysics: Levinas on Peace"

Open Forum Moderator: Dr. Tomas Rosario, Jr. Board Member, PAP

12:00 - Lunch Break

2:00 - Second Plenary Lecture: Dr. Josephine Pasricha

"Empowerment of Women and Children Towards Peace"

Open Forum Moderator: Dr. Michael Vasco Board Membert, PAP

3:30 - Coffee Break

4:00 - Simultaneous Discussions:

Dr. Agustin Rodriguez: "Hope and Social Autogeddon"

Mr. Paolo Bolanos: "The Quest for Peace Amidst the Death of God"

Master of Ceremonies: Mr. Rolly Medel, University of San Agustin

Day 3: 4 April 2003, Friday

8:30 - Third Plenary Lecture: Dr. Zosimo Lee

"Negrense Reflections on Governance"

Open Forum Moderator: Mr. Celso Cainglet Board Member, PAP

10:00 - Coffee Break

10:30 - Simultaneous Discussions:

Ms. Fides Sabio: "Family as an Ordo Amoris: The Building Block for

Tranquilitas Ordinis"

Mr. Feorello Demetrio: "Defining the Appropriate Field for Radical Intra-

State Peace Studies in Filipino Philosophy"

12:00 - Lunch Break

2:00 - Fourth Plenary Lecture: Dr. Jovino Miroy

"Nicholas of Cusas De Pace Fidei: A Discussion of his Irenic Dialogue

Open Forum Moderator: Mr. Juanito Bernardo Board Member, PAP

3:30 - Coffee Break

4:00 - Business Meeting: Presidents Report 

Treasurers Report

Election of Officers

7:00 - Dinner and Cultural Night

Sponsor: University of San Agustin

Master of Ceremonies: Ms. Neneng Siscar, University of San Agustin

Day 4: 5 April 2003, Saturday

8:30 - Last Plenary Lecture: Fr. Emmanuel Trance

"Why Peace Is About People not Structures? The Wisdom of Jon Paul

IIs Message for World Day of Peace"

Open Forum Moderator: Dr. Alma Santiago Secretary, PAP

10:00 - Coffee Break

10:30 - Closing Ceremonies: Closing Remarks

Distribution of Certificates

Induction of Officers

12:00 - Lunch and Tour of Augustinian Churches of Iloilo

5:00 - Departure for Manila

Master of Ceremonies: Mr. Jing Eslabra, University of San Agustin

Updated June 2003

We will be posting here  the program for our next Midyear conference. Please visit our site regularly.

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know thyself.

The National Convention in Review

Participants' Comments and Suggestions in the recently concluded National Convention in Iloilo:


    1. successful, meaningful and fruitful. Keep it up. Congrats and thanks to all organizers. Iloilo: madamo gid nga salamat. Palanga ko kamo. Recruit more young members so that we have a good future.
    2. great. Keep up the good work. Congrats to the new set of board members
    3. time limit for speakers
    4. some microphones were defective
    5. more time for socials to unwind from the academics
    6. speakers must present thesis-printed papers, not just expository/interpretative. Must have a very good audio-visual equipment in venue. Speakers must have visuals.
    7. nice scheduling of activities
    8. great! Twas a wonderful experience
    9. more socials in the evening
    10. nice venue, excellent service from organizers, congratulations! Give guidelines for open forum as to how to formulate questions. More philosophical papers.
    11. time, even for speakers, should be kept strict. The serving of the food can be improved. Proof-read, edit the papers first before they are presented.
    12. proofread papers before reproduction
    13. a more faithful understanding of the text should precede any effort toward practical application
    14. give more time to open forum
    15. staff, system is perfect but many speakers are not prepared
    16. acquaintance party at the start of the convention
    17. it was simply amazing
    18. future PAP should be something like this one here. Good accommodation and food.
    19. superb! It has all the necessary ingredients
    20. great choice. Ilonggo hospitality can never be warmer. The dancers are not only graceful. Their smiles and charms leave an indelible trace in the heart. Thanks and kudos!
    21. please keep the talks concise; lesser biographical data
    22. more power
    23. more seminars, please
    24. more time should be spent for discussion part. Papers read must be limited to 8 pages.
    25. the convention itself is indeed a success. Keep up the good work. I personally enjoyed one anothers company.
    26. a very cordial atmosphere. More time for discussions
    27. well appreciated. The venue is both relaxing and a good place to stimulate intellectual curiosity
    28. the venue is very excellent. More time to tour the place/cities
    29. some speakers were late and made us wait.
    30. the kits are excellent. The label in the bag is not visible.
    31. better lay-out and printing, binding of the papers. Shorten very long papers. Tap corporate sponsors: one source is our students their parents own companies
    32. to generate an income for the PAP, let u produce a brochure or program containing the list of participants, topics, speakers including the sponsors to be distributed along with the invitations
    33. Dr. J. Pasricha: too long
    34. Dr. Zosimo Lee: whats his philosophical insight? Whats his point? Be more concise.
    35. Dr. Jovino Miroy: very scholarly
    36. Discussions: maybe make full use of powerpoint
    37. proofread papers
    38. nice bag!
    39. warm hospitality
    40. food is sufficient

Topics for Future PAP Conference:

    1. Philosophy and History/Language
    2. your choice is as good as mine
    3. philosophy of religion (2)
    4. the problem of marginalization (indigenous people, women, race issues)
    5. philosophy and democracy
    6. sex and wisdom
    7. philosophy and governance
    8. on corruption
    9. on spirituality
    10. philo of pinoy rock and current affairs
    11. ethnicity in a heterogeneity of cultures
    12. Philo of Language (2)
    13. relevance of philosophy in concrete life
    14. philo in the post US-Iraq War
    15. Communication
    16. philosophy and literature
    17. progress and development
    18. Philosophy and Democracy
    19. Philosophy and Philippine Politics (in time for the 2004 elections)

Suggested Venue:

  1. Bacolod (5)
  2. Tagaytay (3)
  3. Davao (5)
  4. Siliman (3)
  5. Bohol (4)
  6. Tuguegarao (2)
  7. Baguio (3)
  8. Aparri-Cagayan-Batanes
  9. Palawan (2)
  10. Villa Escudero (Quezon)
  11. Mindanao
  12. Zamboanga
  13. Cagayan de Oro

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