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National Conference2006

Celestial Resort, Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City

April 5 - 7, 2006



Socio-Political Perspectives on Nation Building

Program of Activities

Day 1:           April  5, 2006, Wednesday


Master of Ceremonies:  Dr. Jovino G. Miroy


8:00                  -        Registration


9:00                  -        Opening Ceremonies

                                           Welcome Remarks: 

                                                     Dr. Jove Jim S. Aguas

                                                     President - PAP


                                      Introduction of Participants /

                                         Convention Announcements

                                          Dr. Feorillo P.A. Demeterio

                                                V Pres. - PAP


                                     Launching of the PAP


                                        Dr. Rolando M. Gripaldo

                                       Director – PAP,  Co-editor 

                                                    Philosophical  Papers: Selected

                                                  Papers delivered at PAP



               Group Picture Taking


  9:45                -        Coffee Break


      10:00               -        First Plenary Lecture:   

                                 Ma. Liza Ruth A. Ocampo, Ph.D. 

                                 Human Dignity, Community  and

                                  Nation Building –  Thomistic  

                                  Approach or a Thomistic



12:00                -        Lunch Break


 1:30                 -        Second Plenary Lecture: 

                                     Fr. Teodulo Gonzales, Ph.D.

                                        Agimat:  Spirituality and Power


           3:00            -        Coffee Break


       3:30               -        First Simultaneous Discussions:

                                          Alvin A. Sario, M.A.

                                         Rawl’s Idea of Overlapping



                                           Sanley S. Abila, M.A.

                                           Directives From Hegel’s

                                           Philosophy of  Right for          

                                               Nation Building



           7:00            -        Dinner/Socials


Day 2:             April 6, 2006, Thursday


Master of Ceremonies:  Dr. Feorillo P.A. Demeterio


7:00                  -        Breakfast


      8:30                -        Third Plenary Lecture:  

                                       Edmundo   Castaneda, Ph.D. 

                                         What is Education for?   Appraising

                                         the Proliferation of Educational

                                         Institutions in  the Cagayan Valley


10:00                -        Coffee Break


      10:30               -        Second Simultaneous: 

                                         Mark Lawrence Cruz

                                         Bayanihan as Overlapping

                                         Consensus:  A Model of Solidarity 

                                         for Nation Building.


                                         Jeremiah Joven B. Joaquin, M.A.

                                          Conflict, Competition,

                                          Communication, and Cooperation 

                                          En route to an Optimal Social      

                                           Choice: A Proposed Interpretation

                                           of Social Choice Theory as    

                                           Applied to Issues Concerning

                                          Distribution of Goods.



12:00                -        Lunch Break


 1:30                 -        Fourth Plenary Lecture:   

                                   Zeus  P.  Salazar, Ph.D.

                                   Bayan, Inang Bayan, Nacion, Bansa

                                    sa Kaisipang   Pilipino:  Ang  

                                   Usapin ng   “Nasyonalismo” sa    

                                   Pagbubuo ng Kapilipinohan



 3:00                 -        Coffee Break


 3:30                 -        Business Meeting:

     President’s Report

                        Treasurer’s Report

                        Revision and Ratification: PAP Constitution


           7:00            -        Dinner



Day 3:     April 7,  2006, Friday


Master of Ceremonies:  Ms. Ma. Asuncion L. Magsino


      7:00                -        Breakfast


      8:30                -        Third  Concurrent Discussions:

                                     Jose Ma. Ybanez Tomacruz, M.A.

                                     The Elements of Mohandas K.

                                     “Mahatma” Gandhi’s Satyagraha



10:00                -        Coffee Break


      10:30               -        Fifth Plenary Lecture: 

                                       Benilda S. Santos, Ph.D. 

                                        Tatlong Talinghaga ng Mabuting

                                        Buhay: Isang  Panimulang 

                                        Pagmumuni-muni sa Panitikan at  




12:00                -        Lunch


       1:30               -        Fourth  Concurrent Discussions:

                                     Lovelyn Corpuz-Paclibar, M.A.

                                    Isang libo’t isang tuwa, buong bansa

                                    The Meaning of Nationhood  and the

                                     Role of Mass Communications            

                                     Media According to Jurgen Habermas.


                                   Eduardo M. Santoyo

                                   A Discourse Analysis on the Tri-PeopIe 

                                   Dialogue  of Pikit, Cotabato



       3:00               -     Coffee Break


       3:30               -     Closing Ceremonies:                   

                                             Closing Remarks

                                             Distribution of Certificates


           5:00            -        Check-out

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